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・Provided consultation to a state-owned company in Dalian, China

June 1998

・Opened JMAC office in China at Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

1998 – 1999

・Provided practical training to a Chinese company in Shanghai on special assignment from the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS), Japan
・Provided support at the same time for improvement of factory of a group company of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation to support reform of state-owned companies


Started providing following services;

・Unique open-training course by JMAC
・Consultation for Chinese companies and Japanese companies in China
・Full provision of internal practical training for companies
・Instructions on factory improvements of companies: IE improvement, TPM improvement, etc.


・Support for automobile industry of China

June 2006

・Established JMAC China
・Provided support for management innovation by Japanese companies, Chinese companies, and companies of other nationalities
・Provided consultation in overall fields of management, concerning management strategy, marketing, development and design, production, and HRM

October 2011

・Transferred office to Grand Gateway upon business expansion

July 2012

・Established J-BUND in Shanghai

Corporate Profile

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