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Masanaka Yokota, ChairmanMasanaka Yokota, Chairman

Chinese industry has undergone remarkable development. Companies from all over the world are now concentrated in this country in terms of both quantity and quality, which has led China to be called the world’s factory. I believe these companies are operating on the very frontlines of global mega-competition.

As a reliable team of professionals, JMAC acts with an aim of remaining a firm that assuredly contributes to its clients with methods of innovation developed from its unique perspectives and through more than 60 years of consulting practice.

We aim to provide services in China by making use of our extensive performance record of consulting in the country, not to mention in Japan, the United States, France, Italy, Scandinavia, South Korea, and Thailand. To this end, we have established our Shanghai base in 1998 and directly respond to clients’ requests.

We would like to continue providing world-class consulting services as reliable professionals.

Message from the CEO
Kimitoshi Sugimoto, CEOKimitoshi Sugimoto, CEO

Established as an organization affiliated with the government of Japan, JMAC is now Japan’s largest consulting firm.

There is currently a pressing need to promote cost structure reforms to further improve competitiveness, given a large number of cost increase factors such as increased raw material and personnel costs and appreciation of the yuan. Companies need to take immediate measures such as reforming all items of cost, with no exceptions.

On the other hand, with regard to local human resources, redevelopment of attractive personnel systems is required for utilizing them and acquiring outstanding talent. Companies are required to let local human resources fully demonstrate their abilities by developing systems that will give them momentum, motivate them, and enable them to achieve personal goals through reforms of personnel systems (job ranks, wages, and evaluation) and other systems linked with management’s visions.

We feel a sense of joy and pride in helping companies further expand and develop by assisting them in solving the management issues they face in this tough business environment.

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