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Executive Managing Director, JMAC (Tokyo)
Chairman, JMAC China

Masanaka Yokota

Born in Tokyo in January 1955, Masanaka Yokota joined JMA Consultants Inc. (JMAC) in March 1985.
Based on his experience working for a machinery manufacturer, Yokota has worked on management innovation of companies and provided consultation to more than 300 companies from diverse industries and business categories. Rather than limiting himself to planning of business strategies, he provides continual support, from implementation of innovation to creation of achievements.
His themes in consulting include global supply chain strategies, business strategies in Asia, production system design, and human resource management. Concerning overseas expansion, he has a wealth of experience in providing consultation on expansion to countries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In January 2009, he was assigned to the top position at JMAC China.

■ Main achievements

Specialized fields
- Formulation and implementation of management strategies
- Development of global SCM strategies
- Innovation in production (design – purchasing – production – distribution)
Books and articles
- “Monozukuri kara kachizukuri no tenkan” [Conversion from monozukuri to value creation], Nikkei BP, 2003.11.24
- “TP management no kangaekata, susumekata” [TP management – ways of thinking and ways of proceeding], JMA Management Review, June 2003
- Maynard’s Industrial Engineering Handbook (co-author), McGraw-Hill, 2001.7.1

CEO and General Manager of Consulting Division
Kimitoshi Sugimoto

Since Kimitoshi Sugimoto joined JMAC, he has been providing consultation on solutions to management issues mainly to companies committed to monozukuri. He was assigned to his current position in 2006 for founding JMAC China in Shanghai.

He provides not only Japanese companies but also Chinese and European corporations with practical support for companywide cost reduction efforts, improvements through introduction of lean production systems, reduction of in-process inventory, human resource development, and other activities. He has been developing Chinese personnel in order to build the team of JMAC China consultants.

He is currently the CEO of JMAC China.

CEO, J-BUND Consulting Co., Ltd.
Katsumi Fujimaki

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1965, Katsumi Fujimaki joined a major department store after graduating from university. He joined JMA Consultants Inc. in April 1992 and became a Senior Consultant in April 2005. In July 2012, he was assigned to serve concurrently as the CEO of J-Bund Consultants(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Since Fujimaki joined JMAC, he has been providing consultation in the fields of food, apparel, retail, drugs and cosmetics, and housing. The theme of his support is increasing business competitiveness and earning power by starting from a consumer contact point. He has a track record of consulting concerning the entire supply chains of retailers, wholesalers/agents, and manufacturers.

・Food:  Fresh food supply chain management

              Increasing sales competitiveness starting from storefronts

              Organization of agents and restructuring of trading system

              Formulation of marketing strategies in China

・Apparel, Cosmetics: - Reconstruction of work process for
               increasing business’ earning power
               - Merchandising management innovation
               - Skill development and training, including ones for
                improving customer service abilities of store staff

・Retail: - Restructuring of chain operation/store operation
     - Designing and operating human resource management aimed at
      integrating performance improvement with human resource
      development, etc.

Deputy General Manager of Consulting Division
Zhao Qing

Zhao Qing has been involved in operations at JMAC China since the period of its foundation.

Since joining JMAC China, he has committed himself to improvement activities in PQCDSM of a range of industries including manufacturing. He has been providing consultation for a large number of clients including both Japanese companies and local companies in China.

Above all, he has extensive experience in improvement of field efficiency, reduction of man-hours, and other activities. He has also been proactive in internal executive training at companies.

■ Main achievements

Specialized fields

- Lecturing at seminars on IE, LPS, quality control, target management, and class-specific training

- Field improvement for improving labor productivity

- Introduction of TPM to workplaces centering on facilities

- Designing of production systems and distribution systems

- Support for companywide cost reduction activities



- IE manuals

- IE college textbooks

- Textbooks for class-specific training and executive training



Excellent Thesis Award at the 60th anniversary of Zen-Noh-Ren (All Japan Federation of Management Organizations) establishment conference in 2008

Consultant, JMAC China
Gu Qi

Gu Qi has been involved in operations at JMAC China since the period of its foundation.

He has experience providing manufacturers with management consulting and educational training.

His clients include manufacturers from the automotive parts, OA equipment, electronics, casting, spinning, power generation facility, health equipment, gas facility, consumer electronics components, cosmetics, camera, elevator, automotive, and shipbuilding industries.

He has also provided practical internal training in a wide range of fields, with a focus on QCD diagnoses of manufacturers and provision of instruction on improving them, along with providing support for business improvement of trading companies.

Clients he has supported include Japanese, Taiwanese, European, US, merged, and private Chinese companies.

■ Main achievements: Consulting

- Practical tasks for field management of an OA equipment parts manufacturer

- Instruction on measurement of standard working hours at a major capacitor manufacturer

- Instruction on preparations for process evaluations at a casting company

- Instruction on measurement of standard working hours at an automotive parts manufacturer

- Instruction on reinforcement of lean production systems of an automotive parts manufacturer

- QCD diagnosis of a fiber manufacturer

- Support for process quality improvement of an electronics manufacturer

- QCD diagnosis and improvement of sites of an automotive parts manufacturer

- Education of frontline supervisors and instruction on small-group activities at a harness manufacturer

- Instruction on reinforcement of QA system at a power generator manufacturer

- Instruction on introduction of TP management to an electronic product manufacturer

- Establishment of a cost management system at a manufacturer of consumer electronics components

- Instruction on introduction of TOC to a health equipment manufacturer

- Instruction on field improvement and reinforcement at a gas equipment manufacturer

and many others


■ Main achievements: Educational/practical training

- Open education (“Problem Solving Methods,” “Lean Production Systems,” “Field Management and Improvement,” “Application of Quantifying Skills,” and others)

- Introductory education on lean management at a shipbuilding company

- Practical training on maintenance of manufacturing quality at an elevator manufacturer

- Education for developing internal IE instructors at optical equipment and OA equipment manufacturers

- MTP training at an optical equipment manufacturer

- Training on the “Seven Tools of QC” and practical tasks of production management at an automotive parts manufacturer

- Training on basic knowledge on distribution for executives of a cosmetics manufacturer

- Training and education on class-specific management at a manufacturer of consumer electronics components

- Training on productivity improvement for mid-class workers at an automobile manufacturer

- TPM training at an LCD panel manufacturer

and many others

Chief Consultant, JMAC China
Lu Feng

After graduating from Yokohama National University, Lu Feng was involved in the launch of a new factory in Asia at a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

He was then assigned to a Chinese subsidiary of the same company and experienced management in its production management division before he joined JMAC China.

He has committed himself to productivity improvement, production capacity improvement, work efficiency improvement with 5S, MPU, ST, and TPM methods, introduction of lean production, innovation in monozukuri, lead time reduction, inventory reduction, shorter delivery times, purchase cost reduction through value chain management, purchase innovation, and other themes.

He became a Chief Consultant in 2011.

■ Main achievements

- Japanese apparel manufacturer: Diagnosis and support for implementation of companywide manufacturing cost reduction

- German automotive parts manufacturer: Support for introduction of cost reduction with LPS

- Singaporean heavy equipment manufacturer: Support for increase of production rate and capacity with MR

- Chinese electronic component manufacturer: Support for enabling shorter delivery times

- Japanese electronics manufacturer: Support for reducing inventories by innovating made-to-stock order system

- Chinese precision machine manufacturer: Support for introduction of 5S and TPM to sites

- Japanese electronics manufacturer: Support for establishment of a local subsidiary in China

- He has also given seminars and lectures at training on LPS, IE, 5S, and policy management, class-specific/managerial training, and other themes.

Chief Consultant, JMAC China
Zhang Jianjie

Since joining JMAC China, Zhang Jianjie has been providing support mainly to manufacturers. He has experienced introduction of TPM and lean production system, and improvement in a range of fields such as production innovation. In particular, he has wealth of experience in onsite productivity improvement and cost improvement.

■ Main achievements

- Chinese electric appliance company: Support for introduction of lean production system

- Chinese electronic component company: Support for introduction of TPM

- Chinese shipbuilding company: Support for introduction of 5S and TPM

- Japanese machine processing company: Support for introduction of TPM

- Japanese machine and equipment company: Support for introduction of TPM

Consultant, JMAC China
Huang Sihui

After graduating from university, Huang Sihui joined a major Japanese manufacturer and served as an engineer at its production technology department.

Since he joined JMAC China, he has been committed to consulting related to production, such as overall cost reduction at factories, development of bases of field management, IE training, introduction of lean production system, and 5S improvement.

Currently he is engaged in personnel downsizing and improvement of production efficiency through diagnostic activities and loss analyses of production sites.

■ Main achievements

- Implementation of lean diagnosis at a Taiwanese electronic manufacturer

- Basic training on lean production systems

- IE training: Basics of IE, scientific analysis methods such as process analysis and work analysis

- Consulting support for financial audit at a Japanese software company

- Promotion of 5S improvement activities at a major Japanese pharmaceutical company

- Lean diagnosis of a major Chinese private food company

- Introduction of lean production system to a major Chinese private apparel company

Strengthening of the basis of field management, review of production management system (PMC)

- Improvement of the kitchen, improvement of production efficiency, and promotion of personnel downsizing at a major Hong Kong restaurant

Consultant, JMAC China
Liu Bin

After graduating from university, Liu Bin worked for a design and development center of a major electronics manufacturer in Tokyo as a semiconductor IC test engineer. He then joined JMAC China and has since been engaged in consulting activities for overall cost reduction of factories, lean production, construction of new factories, IE training, efficiency improvement of indirect operations, work process development for strategies, and others. He is currently engaged in consulting mainly on factory diagnosis, introduction of lean production, construction of new factories, and improvement of sites.

■Main achievements

- Planning and construction of Lean Training Center

- Formulation of market strategy for a major company affiliated with military

- Construction and detailed design of a new factory of a major private Chinese food company

Layout design

Detailed design (goods flow, people flow, information flow, hygiene control, environmental management)

- Manufacturing cost reduction project at all factories of a private Chinese company

- Manufacturing cost reduction at factories (direct labor cost, material cost, other costs)

Development of production plan and system for all factories

Raising cost awareness at all factories

- Increase of production quantity 150% at a site of a Singaporean heavy industrial company

ABC analysis, W/S, work analysis

Layout change

- Improvement of production rate at the site of a supplier to a Japanese company

- Standardization of indirect operations and human resource development at a Japanese company

Consultant, JMAC China
Lin Huiqi

Lin Huiqi majored in corporate strategy management at De Montfort University (United Kingdom).

After returning to China, he engaged in asset risk management in the risk management department of a major financial institution.

He then joined JMAC China and has been engaged in IE training, productivity improvement, quality improvement, 5S at production sites, and improvement of production management for manufacturers. He was also involved in the launch of a lean training center business in China.

In addition, he has experienced consulting in many other fields, such as establishment of a KPI system for personnel evaluation and improvement of internal workflow

■Main achievements

- Major Chinese food company: Establishment of KPI system for personnel evaluation, improvement of internal workflow

- Major Chinese automotive parts company: IE education, field improvement of assembly line, work improvement, productivity improvement, workforce adjustment, etc.

- Italian manufacturer: Introduction of DFMEA and education at R&D department

- Japanese manufacturer: Implementation of P course (workshop on production site innovation) and field improvement

- Italian manufacturer: IE education and field improvement

- Italian manufacturer: Introduction of a lean production system, productivity improvement, shortening of production lead time, quality improvement, reduction of goods in process, reduction of manufacturing space

- JMAC China: Planning and business design for establishment of the lean training center in China

Consultant, JMAC China
Jin Mingxue

Jin Mingxue graduated from the College of Automotive Engineering at Jilin University and joined a major Japanese automotive parts manufacturer where he worked at the production engineering department for five years. He then returned to China and joined JMAC China. After joining JMAC China, he engaged in consulting activities for factory-wide cost reduction and distribution innovation. He currently promotes improvement activities related to cost reduction at factories, such as distribution inventory reduction, reduction of indirect personnel, and efficiency improvement of indirect operations.

■ Major achievements

- Major Japanese manufacturer: Cost reduction of overall factory

- Japanese electronics manufacturer: Companywide TPM activities

- Chinese private food manufacturer: Introduction of 5S and TPM to fields

- Major Japanese automotive parts manufacturer: Distribution improvement activities

- Major Japanese manufacturer: Improvement of indirect operations (personnel downsizing)

Consultant, JMAC China
Huo Pingyu

Huo Pingyu graduated from the Department of Automation at Zhengzhou University and joined a major Japanese automotive parts manufacturer, where he belonged to the engineering section and engaged in development of automated production lines and served as a production engineer and in charge of IE improvement. He was later transferred to a new factory in Guangzhou as the head of the engineering section. He was engaged in the launch of the new factory and then joined JMAC China. Through methods such as IE, TPM, and lean production systems, he provides training on improvement of PQCD, improvement of production plans and production management systems, improvement of distribution systems and warehouse management systems, introduction and effective operation of quality assurance systems, lean production systems, IE, TPM, cost reduction, and other themes.

■Main achievements

- Japanese automotive parts manufacturer: IE instructions to field leaders and IE improvement of fields

- Japanese cast iron manufacturer: Support for acquisition of certificate in quality assurance system (ISO9001)

- Chinese precision machine manufacturer: Support for introduction of 5S and TPM to fields

- Italian company: Training on lean production system

- Major Japanese manufacturer: Support for factory-wide cost reduction

- Japanese parts manufacturer: Development of basis for a purchase system

Consultant, JMAC China
Luo Yi

After graduating from university, Luo Yi engaged in supplier management in the materials department of a major Japanese manufacturer.

Since joining JMAC he has been engaged in consulting on introduction of quality control systems, lean improvement, instruction on QC improvement activities, IE training, SCM, and other themes.

■ Main achievements

- Support for introduction of ISO9001 system to a Japanese company

- Inventory reduction at a major dealer

- Quality improvement and quality cost reduction at US and European manufacturers

- Arrangement and improvement of supplier management flow at a Chinese company

- Reduction of manufacturing cost at factories

- Improvement of field production rate at a Japanese company

- Training for improving management ability of middle managers

Consultant, JMAC China
Chen Bing

After graduating from the Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics at the Dalian University of Technology, Chen Bing joined a major Japanese automotive company and engaged in engine development for five years in the engineering division of its head office. He then returned to China and joined JMAC China.

Since joining JMAC China, he has been providing consultation on factory-wide cost reduction, purchase innovation, etc. and educational training on topics such as HRM and problem solving.

He is currently engaged in improvement activities related to cost reduction at factories, such as review of purchase systems, reduction of purchase costs, reduction of indirect personnel, and efficiency improvement of indirect operations.

■Main achievements

- Major Japanese manufacturer: Factory-wide cost reduction

- Major Japanese parts manufacturer: Development of engineers and managers

- Major Japanese electronic component trading company: Problem-solving training, work innovation training

- European electronics manufacturer: Companywide TPM activities

- Major Japanese manufacturer: Introduction of Japanese-style personnel systems, HRM training

- Chinese private food manufacturer: Marketing research

- Chinese precision machine manufacturer: Support for introduction of 5S and TPM to fields

- Major Japanese automobile manufacturer: Improvement of purchase-production-distribution-sales system

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