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Our Track Record

Track Record of Consultation Services Provided by JMAC

JMAC has provided consultation on a range of management issues for companies in diverse fields of business.

We call on these experiences to provide effective consulting services.

Examples of Consulting Services Provided by JMAC China

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Global Multinational Companies
Business field
Number of employees Goal Achievement

Manufacturer A:


- Improving efficiency of back-office sections (reviewing the fixed number of staff members)

- 20% reduction of manufacturing staff and indirect personnel
- Improving functions through shift of workers to other departments

Manufacturer B:
Precision equipment


- Improving management abilities of frontline supervisors
- Improving management abilities of middle managers

- Frontline supervisor training provided to 500 foremen
- Human resource development programs based on job class and function designed and operated

Manufacturer C:
Automobile parts


- Supply chain innovation
- Productivity improvement through comprehensive improvement measures

- Reducing lead time through logistics improvement
- 30% improvement of productivity

Manufacturer D:
Non-ferrous metals


- Companywide cost-reduction activities

- 20% reduction of costs
- Companywide cost-reduction activities undertaken for all cost items

Manufacturer E:
Automobile parts


- Innovation with TPM and lean system

- Improvement in equipment productivity (on the global level)
- Development of quality control system (defects reduced to 10%)

Manufacturer F:
Wire products


- Line balance improvement

- 1.5-times higher productivity through reduction of personnel distributed to each site

Local Companies
Business field
Number of employees Goal Achievement

Manufacturer G:
Food items


- Designing a new factory

- Manufacturing line designed, plan to introduce facilities made, support for startup of operations provided

Manufacturer H:
Construction machinery


- Lean manufacturing innovation

- 30% improvement in human productivity achieved by introducing lean manufacturing

Manufacturer I:


- Lean manufacturing innovation
- Inventory reduction

- 1.3-times higher productivity, 50% reduction of defects
- 30% reduction of inventory

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